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11/07/08 10:04 PM #1    

Jennifer Ruggles (Richards)

Welcome to the Caro High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/30/08 07:28 PM #2    

Mitzi LaValley

Just wanted to say that this looks like a great way to get everyone in touch for the big reunion this next year and I love the whole outline of this page. I hope that everyone does their part in making it a smashing success. Best wishes to you all on the New Year 2009! May the good times keep coming.

02/02/09 09:01 AM #3    

Sarah Ransford (Baird)

Hi Classmates -
I have added the 20 year reunion page to let everyone know that the date and location have been set, however we will not be taking an actual count of people attending the reunion until closer to the reunion date. So, if you would like to let your classmates know that you are planning to attend the reunion by checking it on your profile, that is great, but I will need to get a more final count in September. Thanks so much!

04/27/09 05:26 PM #4    

Sarah Ransford (Baird)

It is with sadness that I want to let you know that Michelle (Wilson) Jackman passed away on April 20, 2009 in Naples, Florida. Her full obituary will be posted in the "In Memory" section as soon as it is available.

05/26/09 08:51 PM #5    


Dana Romain (Hover)

Hi everyone, unfortunately , Michelle Wilson's obituary has yet to be placed in the Tuscola Co.Advertiser,I appolijize.I am waiting to hear from Michelle's family regaurding any memorial service in Caro. As you all may understand,this has GOT to be such a difficult time for Michelle's immediate family & am certain that it is so tough to send out their beautiful child's death notice. I will find out what I can & share it as soon as I know ANYTHING. Thank you for your understanding & to those who sent me their condolances on FACE BOOK.

07/22/09 08:46 PM #6    

Sarah Ransford (Baird)

Unfortunately, I am posting to inform you of another classmate's death. Mike Mazey passed away this week and his funeral was today. I will post more on the memory page shortly.

08/28/09 12:27 PM #7    

Leah DeRocco (Lipar)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the mailing Sarah and Jennifer! Getting so excited for the reunion!!! I was thinking....maybe we could do an informal gathering on Friday night?

After the football game, meet at The Brickhouse for "Dough Bricks" aka Dough Balls! and some drinks around 9pm? Since so many will be in town for all of the weekend festivities, it might be fun to be out and about :) Okay, NOPE I have not changed...LOVE LOVE LOVE being surrounded by groups of friends!!!

Hope to see you out and about, if not...see ya Sat. night!


09/16/09 09:59 PM #8    


Dana Romain (Hover)

Wow!!!!! Can you all believe we're down to the nitty gritty before reunion?! I'm so anxious to see everyone & share life experiences over these past 20 years!

10/05/09 10:39 PM #9    

Leah DeRocco (Lipar)

Sarah and Jennifer:
Thank you both so much for all your hard work! The reunion was a wonderful experience and I truly cannot wait for our 25th!! What a great weekend!

10/07/09 11:48 AM #10    

Teri Snyder (Rockentine)

Just wanted to say Thanks also...This was my first reunion and although I wasnt there long...It was nice to see everyone. I will defintitely attend the next one!

10/16/09 01:18 AM #11    

Eric Herdell

Hello. I just wanted to send a special thank you to everyone involved in organizing our reunions and for keeping these opportunities alive by continuing to reach out to all of us.

While I have not made a reunion myself (military), I look forward to the day when it is possible. It was nice to at least view where those who posted their info here ended up living & what they have been up to. I hope to see you at the next reunion to thank you personally.

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